6 April 2009

Favorite Things - April 6

This week's favorite thing is probably one of my favorite of all favorite things: Long Weekends.

This coming weekend is Easter which means a three-day weekend. The idea of it looming in the very near future is glorious and liberating.

For two of the three days there will be no stores or businesses open, which means that even if I HAD to run an errand, I couldn't. If I want to sleep in or have a mid-day nap, no problem. If I want to have an evening coffee I can do so without the nagging thought, "I'll never sleep tonight, and I need to get up early tomorrow".

I can watch movies at 2:00 in the afternoon. Or not. I can go for a drive to the beach. Or not.

I can linger over meals. I will make meals from scratch. I can have a glass, or bottle, of wine with my meal.

Anything that I want to do, I can do at my pace. I can put things off until tomorrow, or the following Wednesday once life has returned to normal.

Aaaah... Long Weekend. The two most glorious words in the English language.

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