10 August 2008

Sweaters. Not Just for Sweating Anymore.

I think by now we all agree that recycling is a very good idea. When the concept hit fashion, it became even better. And when the idea of recycling fashion to make new fashions came around, well, I bought a toque.

I need to prepare for my impending first Maritime winter. Today, therefore, while strolling the booths at a craft market happening this weekend in Moncton, I couldn't pass by this fantastic toque. It has all the colours that I love, all cut from 6 different recycled sweaters. The end result is a patchwork of wooly warmth that will provide a comfortable fashion statement come winter.

Coincidentally, the creator of this hat is the same woman that I met a few weeks ago at a craft shop in St Andrews-by-the-Sea. Her shop/studio is called Wizard of Felt.

The idea of recycling sweaters is not limited to just hats and various other accessories either. Check out this amazing rug that I received from one of my favorite etsy sellers, Pegg of fiveforty.

This rug was actually a gift (an unbelievably generous gift!!) from Pegg for being her 100th etsy sale. The earrings that I bought are beautiful, too. But this rug, let me tell you... when I have had a hard day on my feet all day, the first thing I do when I walk in the door is kick off my shoes and go to stand on this rug. To make this rug, sweaters have been cut into strips and felted before being loom woven into the end reult. Pegg's process creates a comforting cushion for poor tired feet of which Dr. Sholls can only dream. I keep my rug in my kitchen and slide it back and forth between my sink and stove, depending on where I am working.

Personally, I can't wait to see what recycling comes up with next.


Pegg said...

Hey Carol, thank you for saying nice things about my rug! So sweet of you!!
The hat looks wonderful!!

Pegg said...

Carol, is that you in the hat??