16 January 2011

A New Year

A new year and a new admission of guilt. Truth is, I have been very delinquent over the past few months about keeping my blog fresh and exciting. There is good reason as it turns out.

At the start of the summer I shared the news that we were packing up and moving from Moncton to Halifax. The first couple months were a whirlwind of unpacking, settling in to a temporary home, settling in at work, and then settling in to my new promotion at work, all while exploring this wonderful new city in which we are now lucky enough to call home.

And then... we started looking for a place to truly call home. We started shopping for a house. We looked, and nitpicked, and discarded house after house. After a couple months we were in despair that we would never find a place to call our very own. Then one night we went to peek at a house. Somehow, we knew immediately this was THE ONE!

We moved in mid-December and spent the holidays furiously unpacking, pawing through boxes that in some cases have remained packed since I put university life on hold 12 years ago to move temporarily to the UK. Unpacking these boxes was a trip down memory lane. It was also truly cathartic. To not live surrounded by boxes is a true joy.

This house immediately felt like home. It had nothing to do with being surrounded by our stuff. There simply is a feel, a sense, a strange connection. Being inside these walls is like being embraced in a warm familiar hug.

Now that life has re-commenced at a more tolerable pace, I aim to devote more time once again to this poor neglected blog. Stay tuned. I hope to someday soon be an interesting person.

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