2 January 2010

Another Year, Another Decade

Honestly, how did that happen? I was prepared for the end of the year, but I was shocked to realise that a full decade had slid by so quickly. So much has happened in my life in the past ten years.

I began the last decade in Northern Ireland where I was at the tail end of a student-work visa. Once I came back to Canada, I completed the final year of my university degree, met and married my husband, went through 3 career changes (maybe one will someday stick), started a home-based business, and packed up again and moved to Atlantic Canada. And, really, there was so, so much more.

Of course, I have no way to predict what the coming decade will hold, but there are things that I would like to strive toward.
  • I would like to see another change in location as I do tend to get restless.
  • I would like to see my business grow.
  • I would like to explore other creative ventures, perhaps returning to my love of writing in some larger aspect.
  • I would like to be healthier. I am on the cusp of my 40's and I can no longer pretend that I am not getting older.
  • I would like to continue to travel. Its a big world out there and I have only seen fractions of it.
  • I would like to be more open to new adventures. I'm pretty adaptable to change, but sometimes have trouble getting my butt into gear unless I do something on a whim.
So, no real resolutions... more just a road upon which I will put myself and hope that I can follow. I expect that there will be detours, on- and off- ramps, and possibly some idiot will cut me off. But life is about the journey as much as it is the destination.

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