12 December 2009

Spice Market - Earrings - Redux

A huge shout of THANKS to one of my favorite etsy sellers, fiveforty. Five used her fabulous treasury curation talents and once again one of her collections made it to the etsy front page. This time, I was fortunate enough to be included in her collection with these Spice Market earrings.

If you wish to see the other items in the treasury, look at the right hand bar of my blog for a slideshow of all the items.

Secondly, a giant SHOUT of thanks for those who voted for these same earrings in the TransCanada Etsy Team's November Challenge. Thanks to you my earrings were the winner of this challenge.

Its been an exciting couple of weeks for those earrings. Yesterday, they sold and today they jet off as a surprise gift for some lucky recipient.

If you are interested in a similar pair of earrings, please feel free to contact me via my etsy shop, stringmealong.

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