26 September 2009

Slow Down, You Move too Fast

You gotta make this moment last.

Maybe I'm too Thoreau for my own good, clinging fast to a Walden-esque idealism in this ever increasing fast-paced, modern world. I seem to have a very different idea than most, of what a walk in the woods is meant to be. Grasping a paper-cupped-venti-whatever, while wearing an ipod and texting is not how a walk in the woods is meant to be enjoyed.

A walk in the woods, if you allow it will enliven all the senses, leaving one feeling both satiated and invigorated.

Slow down, leave behind all your external distractions, and open yourself up to nature.

Breathe deep the soft, gentle air. Can't you smell the season? Allow the taste of the trees about you to linger on the back of your tongue. Its there: the subtle sweetness of spruce; the sharp tartness of juniper, and; the crisp tang of cedar. Intoxicating.

Listen to the symphony of the natural world as it goes on about its business. There is the avian vocal harmony of high-octave trills, and lower throaty warbles. Here the unexpected staccato scolding of a startled squirrel. The crunch of leaves underfoot, and the snap of a twig combine with the ever-present back-beat of wind-rustled foliage.

The vibrancy of colours mingles with the dancing light, creating a kaleidoscopic wonder. Look not only at the large picture, but focus also on the details. Notice the one leaf in many that has turned its colours from vibrant green to fiery red, and is poised and ready to float softly toward the earth. Appreciate that after the rain of the last few days, a few daring fungi have poked their heads from below the autumn mulch. Wonder at the lone birch whose bark, when illuminated by the slanting sun, glows pure white against a shadowy backdrop.

Slow down. That's all. There is a world of wonders at your feet. Enjoy it, and let the feeling last.

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CathyH said...

Hi, love your etsy shop and even more so when I read your wonderful outlook on life and your observations of the things around you.