24 August 2009

Favorite Things - August 24

Maybe you were wondering why my blog posts have been so rare lately? As my sister pointed out to me, my silence is directly related to my recent acquisition - my new favorite thing: a Wii.

I am not actually sure that I can adequately express my love for it. The first day I broke it out of its box, I simply played the sports games that came with it. Fun! Then, I broke out the Wii Fit Balance Board that I bought with it, and me and my Mii have been spending a lot of quality time together. To date, my Mii is 2.7 lbs lighter than nearly 2 weeks ago! YAH-Mii!

I have never been an athlete, but when I have that controller and Nunchuk in my hand, I feel like Serena Williams, Anikka Sorenstam and Rocky, all rolled into one!! The virtual world is a happy place!!

Just look how cute I am in those candy-striped baseball tights!!!

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