15 September 2008

The Addiction Deepens

There is no secret that I have an addiction to both beads and handmade goodies. When, however I discovered the proliferation of handmade beads and findings on etsy, the addictions collided, creating one addiction super-nova.

I have one bead-maker in particular that I have been stalking mercilessly for close to a year, gillianbeads. Her beads are beautiful, stunning, radiant even. So wonderful are they that I had hoarded a neat little stash of them, unable to part company with the beauties. But as my bead holder runneth over, it was time to put them to use.

Here are some examples of her beads in action, made into String Me Along originals:


Gillianbeads said...

Oh string!!!
Thank you so much for blogging about my beads! What a wonderful surprise!
I'm so happy you like them, and are making them into beautiful creations!

UxCritter said...

You've certainly done them a wonderful justice in your creations! Just beautiful.

Kari said...

Those are very beautiful!

High On Craft said...

Your talent + Gillian's talent = superfantastical jewelery!