18 July 2008

Coastal Adventures

Bay of Fundy from Blacks Harbour

I think this may be the best summer that I have had in recent memory. I have always been afflicted by a nasty case of wanderlust, and since moving to New Brunswick, I have found ample opportunity to indulge the affliction.

This week's adventures brought me to St-Andrews-by-the-Sea. I wish that I had sufficiently planned my route there to allow myself an appropriate amount of time for exploring all the hidden gems of this small town. I hadn't planned to travel so far. I was meet my husband in St John where he has been working for the week. I had thought that before meeting him I would take a drive along the coast and see what could be found in delightfully named Dipper Harbour and Chance Harbour. Turns out, there wasn't a whole lot apart from some sweeping views of the Bay of Fundy. And well, I can never pass up a sweeping vista of the Bay so it was not time wasted. In need of lunch I pushed a little further west to Black's Harbour. Here I found some tasty onion rings, a new roadtrip obsession of mine, and again more views of Fundy. This time though, the views were slowly being crowded by the encroaching fog.

Quickly, I exhausted all that there was to do in Black's Harbour and knowing that I was only 20 minutes away from St Andrew's had me see-sawing on whether to just turn back toward St John or call my husband to let him know I would be an hour late meeting him. Of course I chose the latter. And, yes, it was the right decision. If for no other reason than I found an amazing glass artist by the name of Jon Stewart. Unfortunately, I missed his shop as I drove past it, but did find his work in one of the shops in town. I had to purchase these two beautiful glass whale tales which will be Christmas gifts for my Mom and Mom-in-law. Let's hope they don't read this and have their surprise ruined!

The website for this amazing artist is still under construction, but just in case you want to wait for it, here it is:


In the coming days I will have some more to share about other additional artists that I happened upon during my recent trip, but for now I need a nap to recover from my trip back to Moncton.

I will though leave you with a couple photos of the Bay of Fundy just in case you need a little inspiration for a coastal daydream.

Bay of Fundy from Chance Harbour

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jennifer reid coderre said...

another excellent travelog, string. you make me want to visit nb again.