3 February 2008

Beach Booty

HHhmmm... that really sounds like another of those ill-conceived fitness fads. Its not.

Gripped by a mean case of the February blahs and restless with cabin fever following yet another winter storm, I really needed to get outside today to take advantage of the fleeting sunshine. Unfortunately, by the time I had bundled up to go out, the fleeting sunshine had fled. No matter, it was fairly warm, just around the freezing mark and little wind. I drove to the Beach area of Toronto, figuring a long lap of the boardwalk would cure my ills.

Well, I didn't quite make it that far. I walked down to one of the breakers to watch the ducks for a couple minutes. I made the mistake then of looking down at my feet. There was a perfect little piece of tumbled beach glass. Pale blue, my favorite colour of beach glass. Then, wonder of wonders, another piece. And another. Another. What a find. Although there is little good to said of winter storms, there is one benefit. With the high winds whipping across Lake Ontario, come strong crashing waves. This results in all the lake bottom detritus getting pushed ashore.

On my walk, I probably only made it about 100 meters in total. The length of this, I spent bent doubled over, picking up bits and bobs of debris. In less than an hour I came away weighted down with a pocket full of treausures. Lucky for me, there were three very exciting morsels. Three sizable pieces of porcelain/china dishes with the pattern still intact.


Pegg said...

I am envious of your beach booty, gorgeous glass, and wow so much of it, and the pottery shards are beautiful.
We have locals who scour our beach everyday, so it is not often you would get more than a few pieces.

Get yourself some diamond drill bits and away you go!!

Carol said...

Thanks, Pegg. I have to find my drill bits and I am so excited to try drilling. I`ll have to go back soon.

Rhonda said...

wow, those are great finds! lucky you :)

carol, i've tagged you on my blog...so if you like these sorts of things and have the time, it requires 7 facts about yourself! you can check it out on my blog: myhandboundbooks.blogspot.com